How do you know you are having a stroke? What are the symptoms

Stroke affects more and more people, often young people. According to statistics, every five minutes, a person in the world suffers a stroke, being in 90% of the cases hypertension and smoking to blame.

Symptoms of stroke

The symptoms of stroke are very diverse, from numbness of the face, arm or leg, confusion, difficulty pronouncing words, visual disturbances, dizziness, sudden headache, to loss of balance.

To recognize a possible stroke, use the FBVT algorithm: Face, Arm, Talk, Time!

  • F – facial weakness, the victim has a strange smile and the mouth or eye can be lowered;
  • B – weakness of one arm, the victim can only lift one arm;
  • V – speech problems, the victim cannot speak clearly or cannot understand what is being said;
  • T – it’s time to call 911!

If the patient is unable to perform one of these actions, they may have had a stroke. Don’t underestimate the situation, even if the patient denies that they would feel bad. You need help urgently.

What to do in case of a stroke

  1. Call the emergency rescue!
  2. Help the patient to sit in a comfortable position (sitting or semi-sitting) and do not allow him to exert himself!
  3. Periodically check that the patient is conscious and breathing normally!
  4. Do not give the victim liquids or pills as they could choke!

Doctors warn that a person who suffers a stroke and does not request the intervention of an emergency medical team may die. It is important that first aid is given from the first moments of the stroke. This will help prevent the development of irreversible processes in the brain and prevent death. Doctors say the first three hours are crucial to saving the patient. If first aid was given correctly, there is a chance that normal body functions will be restored.

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