How do I know if a contact is sending you through WhatsApp or using other apps?

We live in a constantly evolving community, which is why we have more and more advanced functions in everyday applications, like WhatsApp, family, friends, education and work and more. It also plays an important role in emergencies.

How? If you can not find a contact and you are worried that they will not respond, we share with you that you can find out their location without sending them to you by following these steps:

  • You must be logged in to the desktop version of WhatsApp for this trick. Remember that your computer must have Windows 10 operating system.
  • Remember that you are accessing WhatsApp Internet by entering, the QR code to be scanned by your cell phone will appear, go to your application and enter the main menu indicated by the three dots above. Select the Screen and Pair Devices option.
  • After viewing your chats on the computer, press the Control + Alt + Delete keys to open the Windows Task Manager.
  • Then press the Win key (with the Windows logo) + R to open “Run” and type “cmd” in the field, followed by “Enter”.
  • You will see a command line where you can type “netstat-an” and press “Enter”.
  • The IP address of the contact you are looking for will appear on the page, Enter the address you received earlier.

That too will be. As you can see, this is a simple process, without the use of other applications in between. Keep in mind that the space it provides you is approximate and not given in real time.

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Other additional suggestions to find out the location through WhatsApp

To make this trick work, consider the following:

  • You only need to open the WhatsApp web tape, so close the other windows.
  • This trick does not work on MacBook or Apple MAC.
  • To find out where the contact is, you need to talk to him recently.

Also, remember, this procedure should only be used during a real emergency, for example; If that person does not respond to you and you do not ask them for several hours or days. Do not use this lightly under any circumstances as you may infringe on the privacy of others.

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