How about 50 cent coins sold for 5000 rupees

It is increasingly difficult to find one of these copies, but they can sell for much more than face value.

It is common for coins or banknotes with errors to go viral from time to time and sold for more than the face value on different websites. This is because there are collectors who can pay a fortune. 50 cent coins. see

How about a 50 cent coin that sells for 5,000 pesos?

Although it was not easy to get them a while ago, 50-cent coins can be sold for $4,482 pesos on pages specializing in buying and selling these replicas.While other sites have 5 thousand people.

In this case, the ones that came up for sale were specific currencies They are some tokens from the Buenos Aires Zoo, more precisely from the Eagle Pavilion, very hard to get. However, you can find many common ones on the Internet that are sold at high prices due to bugs.

50 cents

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