Hosuna sponsors Onguito’s music and both in a new solo

The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico reunite, this time with more than 3.2 million copies in the first days of the song’s release with the popular Ozuna music and urban event Onguito single ia Diablona. Released and advanced to second place.

Hosuna becomes Onguito’s international forester, while Santiago Matthias signs with his company, Alobok Radio, and is now the new professional startup for the new urban artist.

One of the aftermath of his labor split with Roche RD was the loss of his official Instagram account, but the Santiago Matthias team’s ECDLM. Arriving at, he received a new account, which in more than five days reached an astonishing number of 360 thousand followers, an act of curiosity to learn more about this music event and to prove the loyalty of its fans.

During a recent interview on the Alofolk radio show stage, he said he was grateful for the opportunity Rosie had given him, but the rapper’s toxic environment, other than the lack of a contract to force him to continue, was enough reason to focus on his music career.

The official video for ‘Diablona’ was signed in the country with Ozuna, with the aim of achieving new records on average in Onguyoto in the next few days.

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