Was it bad for 'Fallout' to release all the episodes at once?

When popularity rises Netflix, One of its most powerful weapons is its serial broadcast model. was first on stage Release entire seasons at once Eliminates the weekly periodicity that has always characterized these audiovisual formats.

Currently, each streaming service decides which model to follow, Integrates them according to your interests. Netflix has stayed true to its style, but has introduced a system of dividing its seasons into parts, releasing different blocks of episodes separated by one or several months. Other sites like Main video They usually choose weekly broadcasts for their most important topics, but with series like this one Red Queen One fall It has chosen to release them all at once.

There really isn't a core chapter release model anymore. Each service chooses its strategy based on the importance or nature of the product. Of course, more There is a split of opinion About ways to proceed. There are still defenders of the traditional weekly style Bendevit Grabinski, One of the creators Scott Pilgrim takes the leap.

He used his X (Twitter) account to criticize series like “Netflix Model”. fall Recently: “As someone who had to release his entire series at once… It's the stupidest nonsense ever.” Grabinski fought with Big N to get at least an animated series about Scott Pilgrim to release in blocks of episodes, But his proposal was rejected And all the episodes came at the same time.

To defend his position, the American screenwriter and showrunner gave an example X-Men '97 And how negative would it have been if the series had been released at the same time. This animated series Disney+ It is published weekly and its last chapter It has generated a very intense debate In social networks.

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It's clear that Netflix didn't do badly with the strategy it implemented from the start, but the essence of the weekly broadcast is very different when it comes to creation. Spaces for anticipation and discussion For a long time and give the opportunity to digest art products more calmly. Another recent example of the success of this second formula Shogun, Disney+ though. Cont It is becoming more popular with every episode Now it is nearing its climax almost two months after its launch.

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