Honduras opens embassy in Jerusalem


As of Thursday, there is a diplomatic representation in Honduras Jerusalem, The capital of the State of Israel. President Juan Orlando Hernandez Travel Middle East To boot Embassy Honduran in Jerusalem.

“Honduras has officially opened its embassy in Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel! We are taking this historic and blessed step for the first time in 30 years after visiting Israel, the Israeli Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAW) has called,” he wrote on Twitter.

First Lady Ana Garcia de Hernandez, Foreign Minister Lisandro Rosales, Israel’s new Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett, Among other officials of the two governments.

Hernandez described the friendship between Honduras and Israel as “a blessing to my country”, while thanking the country for its help during the floods. Eta and Iota storms, And donation of vaccines against Govt-19.

According to the president, Israel is one of the key allies in helping Honduras stop being the most violent country in the world. “He has provided us with technical assistance in security matters. Thank you for helping us save thousands of lives,” the Honduran president said.

Honduras is the fourth country in the world to open an embassy in Jerusalem, before the United States, Guatemala and Kosovo.

Before the opening of the embassy in Jerusalem, Juan Orlando Hernandez Held a meeting with the President of Israel, Ruan Rivlin.

“As far as Hondurans is concerned, it is very important to us that this alliance lasts. We believe that we have many similarities. Hernandez.

“I think it is appropriate, President Ruwan RivlinThe people of Israel understand that there is a Christian people in Honduras, and this decision is very important to us spiritually, “Hernandez said.

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For his part, President Reuven Rivlin said that Honduras “makes known to the world that Jerusalem is the city of God.”

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