Honduras faces “serious” power

In a Twitter message, Xiomara Castro pointed out that the rationing was due to “non-availability of thermal plants” and Enee’s “security conditions”.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The President of Honduras Xiomara Castro, He pledged in the final hours that Honduras was facing a “severe” rate of electric power due to low water levels in dams and “unavailability”. Thermal plants.

In a Twitter message, the President pointed out that the ration was also due to “non-availability of thermal plants” and “insecure conditions” in state-owned properties. National Electricity Company (Eni).

The president blames the “moribund” agreement between Honduras and the Honduras Energy Company (EEH), the Colombian capital, said it was “inappropriate, premature and unfortunate.”

EEH is made up of Electricas de Medellin and Unión Electrica, both with Colombian capital and Honduran company Enterprise Consulting S.Aand was awarded a concession contract in December 2015 to operate Enee’s power distribution system for seven years.

He Honduras Private Sector Millions in losses due to constant energy rationing in various sectors of the Central American country have been warned in recent weeks.

Honduras has a demand of about 1,700 megawatts, more than 60% of which is generated by thermal plants that work with oil derivatives, a very high bill for the country.

The new special energy law seeks to reduce losses, review and revise energy contracts, public investments, emergency declarations and institutional restructuring. General Law of Electricity Sector Approved in 2014.

Code of Electrical safety of Honduras It’s 85.13%, the lowest in Central America, and official statistics show that 300,000 people in the country are without electricity.

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