Honduran youth finds love in America

Draft. A Honduran man living in the US is going viral on Tik Tok after flaunting his romantic relationship with someone. North American.

Through the videos, Comrade shows what it’s like to live with his “grincarcito,” as he calls it, and how life has changed since he found love.

Likewise, Honduran is named Rogue Torres This shows that your partner speaks Spanish, so communication is not a problem. In addition, he prepares a “catracha” dish, which the American citizen ceases to like.

This couple is very much in love.

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With over 36,000 followers on Tik Tok, this Honduran wants to show that love knows no bounds.

Watch the videos:


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“He’s the Prince Charming that Disney has made me watch for years”; “I was so scared the first day, now I can’t live without you”; “He’s the best man in the world” are some of the messages he posts along with their videos.

Likewise, Torres uploads funny videos with her partner and receives compliments from her followers for having a “beautiful relationship”.

“I want them to be very happy and God bless them so that this love never ends,” said one internet user on the network.

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Another person commented: “How beautiful, they inspire me to be happy with myself every day.”

“Suggest me to meet someone like him. They are very happy and may their beautiful love last a lifetime,” said one user.

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