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Two days ago, satellites dedicated to monitoring the sun recorded the explosion of two magnetic hairs in the southern hemisphere of the sun last Saturday.

Accordingly, the official page of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, on the social networking site “Facebook”, said that the double explosion emitted coronal mass emissions towards Earth.

In terms of the definition of magnetic fibers, it is a cloud of dense plasma, which is suspended by magnetic forces and propagates on the surface of the sun, and sometimes they are unstable and decay and collide with the surface of the sun and explode, a type of eruption called the “head glow”, which requires a sunspot.

Probability of aurora borealis

Therefore, due to two bursts of two magnetic microtubules in the southern hemisphere of the Sun, the measurements show that the first coronal emission is slower and the second is faster, and the samples of the projections show that they will reach the Earth’s magnetic field on Wednesday, January 6th.

The Astronomical Society in Jeddah has predicted that a small (G1) geomagnetic storm is likely to occur when dual coronal emission hits the Earth’s magnetic field, with the result being the first to occur. Aurora borealis New Arctic and no other impacts in 2021.

The phenomenon of aurora borealis is a combination of stunning colors that form at the North and South Poles of the world, and is caused by the glow of the upper atmosphere under the influence of sunlight.

Iceland is one of the most important places where the Northern Lights event usually appears, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist sites to see the Aurora, from August to April each year, in the suburbs of the Reykjavk region, as well as in other places such as Alaska and Norway. And others.

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