Hold your breath before you meet Dr. Polo’s current residence

For more than a decade, Dr. Ana Maria Polo “Succeeded as host”Case closed”. After years of hard work, former driver A Luxurious house In the state of Florida.

This is Dr Polo’s house. Photo: Featured

Where is Dr Polo’s house?

According to the magazine my face, Ana Maria’s property is located in MiamiFlorida, a place with a warm climate that allows many properties to have spacious gardens, swimming pools, and beach fronts, are characteristics of Dr. Polo’s residence.

The luxurious residence has been featured in various publications on social networks By Dr. Polo, it has two floors and is built in a classic and very elegant style. Additionally, it is located on the beach.

Away from the small screen for many years, Dr Polo lives a quiet lifeShowing some of her privacy to her followers, she occasionally shows off some of the places in her apartment.

Dr. Polo’s Pool. Photo: Featured

A luxurious residence

The residence has a dock where the former TV star owns a few small boats, extensive gardens and a Swimming pool A solar and even a Outdoor hot tubThe doctor usually spends very pleasant moments.

As for the interior, Dr. Polo’s house has a kitchen with an island in the center, which is a record for many videos, and a very warm room with a large fireplace, which he boasts on his social networks.

Dr. Polo’s dining room. Photo: Instagram

total, The luxurious residence has six roomsFour bathrooms, a recreation room with a billiards and a room where Dr. Ana Maria keeps all the awards she received during her career.

This is Dr. Polo’s bedroom. Photo: Instagram

Undoubtedly, Dr. Ana Maria’s luxurious home is nothing to envy For any other showbiz personality living in Florida, this made it a very special place for the former TV star.

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