Hold your breath before you find out how many languages ​​Shakira speaks and what they are

Recently Shakira He has given a lot to talk about since his separation Gerard PQ Consequence of betrayal by the player. The artist is considered a world icon of Latin music, and from his debut in the 90s to the present, he has had a huge impact on the music scene, being cited on many occasions for inspiring and influencing an entire generation of singers. On many occasions she has been seen speaking more than one Proverb Fluency, however the number of languages ​​he handles is really huge.

With an artistic career spanning over 30 years, Shakira With sales of over 80 million, he is one of the best-selling artists in history and the best-selling Latin artist in the United States. However, it is not known that apart from being talented, the singer is very intelligent as she knows how to speak a few other things perfectly. Proverb In addition to his native Spanish, more precisely, the former couple has six languages Gerard PQ Drive smoothly.

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