Watch the trailer for A Million Miles Away, a film about Mexican astronaut Jose Hernandez

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Jose Hernandez was the second Mexican to reach space. And very soon we will get to know his incredible story in ‘A Million Miles Away’.

There are many inspiring stories that show that dreams can come true in Mexico. And undoubtedly, one of the most recent Jose Hernandez was one of the few guys who had the opportunity to reach space. But if you want to know your case better, stay tuned because we will go through it thoroughly A million miles away.

While Hernández wasn’t the first Mexican astronaut to leave the planet (let’s not forget Rodolfo Neri Vela), we remember his name the most after 2009 and years working at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA for NASA). Jose was part of the STS-128 mission that brought supplies, modules and structures to the International Space Station..

Jose Hernandez was the second Mexican to reach space and the first to be part of NASA/Photo: Curtoscuro

Of course A story as extraordinary as Jose Hernandez’s deserves to be brought to the big screen. That is why Amazon Prime Video decided to make a movie about this Mexican astronautis titled A million miles away And another Mexa’s address has been raffled off, ALEXANDRA MARQUEZ ABELLA (who was behind products like Women’s health, Narcos: Mexico And North over the void)

Amazon Prime Video has released the trailer for ‘A Million Miles Away’, a film about the Jose Hernandez case.

But now after making her a little emotional, Finally released the first trailer A million miles away And without a doubt, it shows that it will be a very inspiring film. To give you an idea, we take a look in this preview Michael Peña plays Jose Hernandez, who dreams of reaching the stars since childhood.

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However, as the son of Mexican immigrant parents in the United States, He had to face many difficult situations to achieve his goal. Fortunately, thanks to the support of his family and his enormous perseverance (as well as preparation). Jose reached space and showed us that nothing is impossible in this life if you fight for it.

Michael Pena stars as Jose Hernandez in ‘A Million Miles Away’/Image: Amazon Prime Video

Apart from Michael Pena, the film has a very interesting cast, such as: Rosa Salazar (Alida: Battle Angel, Maze runner), Veronica Falcon (Ozark, Queen of the South, Garrett Dillahunt (Fear of the walking dead), Solid blue (For all boys), Julio Cesar Cadillo (Hitman) and Bobby Soto (Flamin’ Hot)

Save the date on your calendars because A million miles awayThe movie about Jose Hernandez will hit the Amazon Prime Video catalog on September 15. But while we wait for the time to watch this tape and get ready for the mission, here’s the official trailer below.

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