His father will undergo a delicate operation

This Thursday morning, June 8, a blue radio camera captured the arrival Shakira to do Cartagena. Enter the Colombian singer Serena Del Mar ClinicIn the north of the city, its where Dad, William MbarakSurgery should be done.

Although journalists did not see her, Shakira was surrounded by trucks and motorized police officers who accompanied her as she entered the hospital.

According to the Serena Del Mar Clinic, William Mebarak, 91, Surgery for hydrocephalusthat is, Accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.

Normally, this fluid protects and cushions the brain; However, excess fluid can have a detrimental effect on it.

Earlier, it was reported that the singer had been in the Caribbean since last weekend. Shakira She arrived in Barranquilla on a private flight with her two children on Friday, May 26, as a result of her relationship with Gerard Pique.

The first versions suggested that he visited his father and stayed in a rural area of ​​the Department of Atlantico, in a department called Cano Dulce, on the road from Barranquilla to Cartagena.

Shakira faces her father’s health crisis

In October 2022, the Spanish journalists, Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa made the commitment. Shakira’s father was hospitalized at the Tecnon Clinic in BarcelonaThis put an end to the doubts and speculations about the singer’s frequent visits to the venue.

On Thursday, October 20, journalists reported that the Colombian often visited the clinic, however, was told not to see anyone, which caused alarm about his health.

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Subsequently, contacts known as Mamarazzis were able to confirm that the ‘Monotonia’ translator’s father has been admitted to the hospital as his condition worsened in recent days.

Turned out to be a writer William Mebarak is said to have suffered a strokeThe reason for his second hospitalization in 2022.

In the video shared by Barranquillera, the beloved writer is seen recovering and progressing positively as Shakira has been his biggest support, not forgetting the attention of his mother, Mrs. Nidia del Carmen Ripoll.

“Life is something that happens between hospital visits and Halloween costumes,” the Colombian artist explained below the video posted on his Instagram account.

Shakira would send Gerard Pique a note with a photo of her parents

At the time, Shakira used the same social network to post a photo of her father in the hospital, where he “true love“.

The Latina shared how her parents were in love, although many believed it was one Note For the football player Gerard PQEx-husband and father of their two children.

Let’s remember that from July 2022, Shakira and PQ confirmed their separation after 12 years of relationship, so every step they take worries internet users and speculations start to spread.

Shakira’s father has been ailing for months


On the other hand, Shakira’s mother Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado informed the Spanish press about her husband’s health: “He is fine, thank God. He is fine and I am here to be with him.

Actually, Shakira doesn’t rule Health crisis His father resisted, but it was learned that he had been watching over him all along and was instrumental in his father’s recovery.

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