Cuba’s purchases of frozen chicken from the United States have decreased by tons

Cuban government purchases of frozen chicken from the U.S., one of the northernmost island’s biggest purchases, have dropped significantly and marked three consecutive months of clear declines. TwitterRenowned Cuban economist Pedro Monreal.

“Tons of chicken meat exported by the United States to Cuba recorded a third consecutive monthly decrease in April 2023, the lowest level since October 2022,” Monreal wrote.

“The value of monthly poultry exports from the United States to Cuba in April 2023 decreased by 4.4% compared to March, but the monthly contraction was greater in tons exported with a drop of 14.8%,” explained the expert. Pointing out that there is a constant food shortage in Cuba and that, as a rule, American chicken is one of the best sellers on the island, some reactions.

Monreal confirmed with the numbers that among the countries reporting exports to Cuba, the United States is the largest supplier of poultry to the island, with five smaller exporters.

For example, Brazil, which was once a regular chicken supplier, has now, in April this year, seen exports fall by 47.9%.

Why was less chicken bought from the US?

For Economist, the value of one kilogram of US chicken exported to Cuba in April 2023 increased to USD 1.09, which is slightly higher than the previous month (USD 0.97) by 12.4%.

Prices are high and the amount of government currency for these purchases is limited.

According to this analysis, US chicken exports to Cuba in April 2023, for example, did not represent 50% of the volume exported in December 2022.

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What is surprising is that poultry from the United States continues to be Cuba’s most purchased meat, and no alternative has been sought. In other words, what they stopped buying from America, they bought in no other country.

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