Hernandez’s home run of 10 gives India victory

Caesar Hernandez scored two runs in Alex Colomine’s 10th game, and the Cleveland Indians beat the Minnesota doubles 5-3 on Saturday night, dropping the record to 0-8 in games that settled in extra innings this season.

Venezuela Hernandez was in charge of the first shift of the 10th inning. He hits a ball that goes over the right wall to hit Austin Hedges, who automatically runs second in the episode.

It was the first time in his career that Hernandez had scored a home run to end a game.

Colom (2-4) allowed a home run by Jordan Luplow early in the 10th inning of the game on April 26, which led to a 5-3 defeat to Cleveland.

Following the start of the most recent American League Psi Young winner Shane Bieber, James Karinchak (2-0) finished the fourth and second innings effort without being hit by Cleveland relievers.

Bieber allowed three runs and eight wins in 5 1/3 innings. He hit sixes and finished his 23 games with at least 23 fans. It was the second longest run after Randy Johnson’s 34 in 1999-2000.

For the doubles, Venezuela’s Luis Arris 5-2, Williams Astudilo 3-0. Dominican Miguel Chane took a 5-1 lead.

For the Indians, Venezuela Hernandez were 5-1 with one run and two Reserve Banks. Puerto Rican Eddie Rosario 4-1. Dominicans Jose Ram ராமrez scored 3-0, Reyes scored 2-1 at the front and Franவ்ois Rosario scored twice at two reserves. Colombia’s Harold Ramares 4-2.

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