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The more time you spend with a person, the more likely you are to fall in love with them. If we add that long hour of shooting and the scenes you do with your co-worker, the odds will increase.

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This is the case Ahmed Tanzu Dasanlar And , Turkish actors playing Assad Sadoklu, Cousin of Ryan (Hebrew Sahin), and Gonul Aslanpe, Miran’s cousin (Akin Akinasu), in Telenowala ””.

In fiction, Gonul is completely in love with his cousin Mirana; However, after being rejected several times, she decides to take her own life, but before she can reach her goal, Azad appears and stops her from doing so. From that moment on, the two characters meet and fall in love.

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The love story began a decade ago. (Photo: Ahmed Dansu Danlar / Instagram)

How did your love story start?

The love story of the actors who give life to Azad (Ahmed Tanzu Dasanlar) y heart (Oya Unastasi) It started a decade ago. They met in 2011 when the novel was being recorded “Izmir gang”. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and then they were together, though not without rumors that the relationship had broken down.

“A week after I met you, I called my brother and said ‘I met the woman I was going to marry’ … 10 years have passed and I know our love will last a lifetime, but being your husband is a different feeling, my beautiful angel”The Turkish actor wrote on his Instagram account.

For his part, the actor wrote an emotional message to his partner on his social networks: “Thank you, my heart is full of peace, it beats with you, our joy is pure ”.

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Ahmed Tanzu Dasanler Oiya Master in La Boda

After many years of relationship, the actors decided to unite their lives forever. The newlyweds shared photos and videos of their wedding day through their Instagram accounts.

From what you can see in the pictures, The bride wore a white lace dress, adorned with rhinestones and flared tulle skirt. For his part, the actor chose black and white attire.

The wedding took place outside, and according to the Turkish media, the bride and groom and their guests left before giving “Yes, I accept” Traditional ‘Henna Night’ FestivalDuring the event, the bride bids farewell to her family in a symbolic way.

The wedding was attended by some actors from the soap opera “Herkai”. Among them, the protagonist of Turkish fiction, Ibru Sahin, With her boyfriend, a basketball player Plant Osman, With whom he had been in a relationship for a year.

They also came to Ankara where the wedding took place, Gulcin Sandircioglu (Sultan), Certar Oser (Sihan Satoglu), Kulsin Hadihan (Handan), Solar life (Asthma), Kahid Coke (Frat) y Asli Samad (Mike).

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Who is Ahmed Tanzu Dasanlar?

Ahmed Tanzu Dasanlar The actor who plays Asad Sadolu in the soap opera “Hercule”. The artist was born on May 31, 1984 in Ankara. During his childhood he had to move constantly due to his father’s work and it was only in his youth that he became acquainted with theater.

He studied at the Osmangasi Cultural House and graduated from the Theater Department of the State Conservatory of Chelsea University.

He is remembered for his role as Arta “Abduction Love”, But he has participated in other big wins “Hole”The heroine of Aras Plut Inemli.

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Who is Oya Ustasi?

Oya forgot He was born on March 31, 1988. She is a 33 year old Turkish actress and model. He is of Bulgarian-Greek descent. He studied flute at the Conservatory and studied acting and the performing arts.

In 2011, the artist made his television debut with soap opera “Izmir gang”. Then in 2013 she participated in Miss Turkey and was one of the 20 most beautiful women in her country.

In 2015, the actress became known for her role as Zelik Gopkop in the soap opera. “My heart is in Aegean” He has since starred in several supporting roles in various series.

In 2017 she played the role of Olivia in the play Top sellers. His last participation was one “Hercule” With the character of Gonul.

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Wedding photos and videos

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