Helmut Marco “Seko lost the stage because of us”

One of the key voices confirms that Seko lost third place due to a poor pit stop

‘S chief adviser Red Bull helmet Marco was blunt in pointing out that Sergio Seco Perez failed to get to the third stage of the season.

Helmut recounted the work the 31-year-old from Guadalajara did with the Austrian team, as he was 0.5 tenth to fall to Voltaire Podas after Seco Perez’s fourth-placed Styrian Grand Prix race.

“Seko lost the stage for us. I’m so happy with Seko. It was our fault at the pit stop. He is also advancing in classification, ”the doctor told the network. DAZN.

When asked about the future of Seco Perez with the Austrian team, Marco calmed down the situation by pointing out that he was not in trouble. “We still have time to update it.”

Seiko Perez finished third at the World Driving Championships at the Austrian home Grand Prix.

Segjio had an intense race from the start as he had to compete for third place with McLaren driver Lando Norris in the first 10 laps.

Following that, the Mexican had to make up for lost time in the pits, after the second stop he recovered from a 20-second deficit and finished with half a second to drop the podas.

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Red Bull boss Christian Horner also apologized to Sergio at the end of the home race, saying, “Sorry about that pit stop, good job for the rest.”

The next date will be in the same Austrian rounds, but officially it will be the Austrian Grand Prix. Red Bull starts out as the favorite organization to win with Verstappen; This is revenge for the man from Guadalajara who stayed very close to the stage in Styria itself.

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