Hector Acosta’s wife Villas was scammed on Instagram by the page

Hector Acosta “El Torito”, Eralesi Lenina Vasquez Lopez, the wife of provincial singer and senator Monser Noule, condemned the scam on social networking site Instagram this Monday. “Villas Big Pearl”.

According to Vasquez, he deposited RD, 8 29,850 through the Reserve Bank, whose bank account is reflected in the name of Dowley Hernandez.

“Attention! I was cheated from this page: Villas Gran Berla, who appears to be the CEO, was used to continue the misrepresentation of this page. This has nothing to do with this, he is another victim,” he wrote.

In another release, he wrote down the account number and ID of the alleged fraudster and added: “Dowley, get ready, you will not be with it. I’m going to get rid of you. ”

In the comments, some users said they tried to rent villas, such as the increased reservation during last year’s epidemics.

“The same thing happened to my son-in-law, she lost $ 300, I’m so sorry for her, I abused her! I hope you can find that culprit!”, Commented islissettepenaa.

A similar case happened to another person, but not in one village. “She went to an adjoining house with 20,000 people to buy rugs for resale, and she had supplier data, but nothing …”, wrote user பயbywendymvm.

Number of spaces “Mass Roberto” and YouTube, Totol Nostra, An Instagram page last year that used photos of him in a village and advertised them under another name, indicating that a member of the “Alofolk Radio Show” recommended them.

Although he was not scammed, he warned people not to trust all the offers and accounts of tourist attractions appearing on social networks, as they tend to “steal” photos of other villas and change their name and address without first investigating well.

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Eralesi Lenina Vasquez Lopez, a vegetarian who has been married since 2012 to the translator of Amorcio Enfermito, has warned.

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