(Video) Attacker tries to steal a Tesla car, but is defeated by Elon Musk’s engineering design – Diario La Pagina

The owner of a Tesla Model 3 managed to escape an armed robbery attempt in Jacksonville, Florida, thanks to the design of the same car that prevented the criminal from opening the door and seizing it. Local media report.

In the attempted assault photos recorded by the car’s cameras, the thief could be seen approaching the car, holding a pistol in hand, pointing at the driver, while he was waiting for a friend in the parking lot. However, due to the door handles overlapping the body, the body was unable to open it on the first attempt, giving the owner seconds to escape.

According to victim Draper Younes, the car was in “standby” mode, a feature that allows it to remain stationary even while running until the throttle has been depressed, giving her the opportunity to quickly escape from the attacker.

During the escape, the criminal shot Yunus, but the bullet missed its target, and instead collided between the front and rear doors on the driver’s side, leaving a gap in the car’s body.

Very grateful to be alive. Thanks Elon Musk, your car did a lot to save my life […] Yunus wrote on Twitter: “I now have a bullet hole in it, I need a bulletproof hole, can I change it?”

The story, which went viral on social media, attracted the attention of the American businessman, so the company will bear the costs of repairing the damage caused by the impact of the shell.

Likewise, the victim launched a fundraising campaign through GoFoundMe, through which he seeks to raise $ 50,000 to promote programs to remove minors from the streets and prevent them from engaging in criminal activities, as well as to provide a reward for anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of the criminal who remains free.

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