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-Hey, keep going !; Do not stop! We are all coming with you! The Cuban people are with you! Pedro Lewis shouted at him in a thunderous voice.

Muloto, delighted at the time, gave his hand to the Dias-Canal, as if he wanted to take on his shoulders the monumental buildings of the Camillo Cienfougos neighborhood and the number of people who came to the streets with them. For tenderness.

Hundreds of people from the Havana del Este neighborhood left this Friday morning to cheer on the first secretary of the Homeland and the party’s central committee. The most iconic areas of modern Havana architecture.

It was the first city to be built by the revolution under the concept of social work. Built under the direction of Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Roosevelt and led by the famous revolutionary fighter Pastorita Nunes, precisely on November 16 the cast celebrated its 60th anniversary.

Speaking to locals, the President explained that the change in the environment was accelerated by a letter sent by a group of neighbors, in which they expressed the need to address the continuing problems that have accumulated in the community. And business services, among other things.

The letter – he continued – was received by the party and government leadership in the province and municipality, with the aim of restoring all necessary services to the community.

However, this – the Díaz-Canel – neighborhood page change, will not involve the intervention of organizations that support it. The First Secretary told them that you must be the heroes of change.

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Díaz-Canel said in their constituencies, residents should identify problems and make proposals to the deputies or representatives to resolve them, taking them to the municipal council of the people’s power, where priorities are set within the limits they have. , And work and work thereafter.

Throughout the process, President Habana del Estேயne continued to explain to the parishioners that population control is essential, that neighbors must ensure that resources are put to good use, that things are done with quality, and that what is done is maintained. More time.


In distribution, 57 constructive activities are carried out immediately, some of which have already been completed, including repair and maintenance of schools, medical offices, stomatological center, polyclinic and other assistance services, traditional areas such as children’s playgrounds and Rotunda. The ashes of Pastorita Núñez have been placed and the bust of Commander Camilo Cienfuegos is under permanent observation.

With the repair and increase of commercial services and the restoration of lush green areas, the Fe del Valle Sports Center restores the magnificence of its facilities and the large commercial building in the center of the fort is revived.


This Friday morning in eastern Havana, the homeland actively lived its revolution, where the first secretary of the Distribution Neighbors Party was ousted, chanting slogans that were already beginning to be a part of today’s history: “Whatever the canal, whatever the canal;” Satisfied with the arrival, it was a wave of hope that lasted almost ten minutes after he resumed his work day.

– Where it goes now; That guy is not resting, ”one woman said, dragging her shopping cart to another.

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