This is how LigaPro’s secondary level chart looks like at the beginning of the final day National Championship | Sports

Agos and Makara in Chilcolo, Independent del Valle and Emelec opened the screen on the date of playing three key points.

Francisco Friedrichsevsky (c) scored the second goal for Agas after a left footed shot. Photo: Juan Ruiz Condor

With a fierce rivalry between Aucas and Macará at the Gonzalo Pozo Ripalda Stadium, the screen opened on the fourteenth day of the second leg of Ecuador’s professional league (LigaPro), which could define first place if the Independente del Valle failed. Saturday Emalek. However, if the millionaires are the ones leaving the stadium in Bango Guayaquil, they can directly win the championship.

The match is scheduled for 20:00, with matches between Barcelona SC and Universidad Católica and Nueve de Octubre and Delfín. The other team battling to reach the final of the championship is the Octoprinos, however this depends on the other outcome and the six points they need to get to play.

Fights between Orense and Liga (Q), Mushuc Runa vs on Sunday. Guayaquil City & Manta FC Vs. Olmedo. The date will end on Monday with a competition between the university technician and Deportivo Quenca.





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