He went viral after complaining about his seatmate’s eating on the plane: “He went too far”

The scene in the film And where are the blondes?, where one of the protagonists prepares to scarf down various menu options at a restaurant, including some ribs, is not left alone to the imagination. Recently, a woman’s tweet went viral on the network after him He shared the food he wanted his seatmate to eat on the plane.

“This guy next to me has no chance of eating a whole set of ribs on this flight.”, the young woman wrote on Twitter and accompanied the text with a photo of the embarrassing moment. “It went too far,” he added.

In the released picture, which appeared to have been cleverly taken so as not to notice anyone, they could actually be seen inside a plane and the person next to them. At his feet was a cardboard box containing fast food.

That way, it’s not just ribs. There was a container about the shape and size of a large pizza, albeit with ribs A generous portion of french fries, with a slice of meat with sauce.

A photo of the meal went viral on social mediaTwitter/@lannatolland

As is often the case, the young woman’s message crossed five million retweets. As mentioned New York Post, had thousands of “likes” and hundreds of comments. In it, a woman asked about the piece of food seen in the picture next to the potato. Apparently it can An ear of corn or corn spread with butter and cheese.

According to the same media, the woman received several messages from Twitter users who did not agree with the displeasure and rejection status she had set. In the sequence, many criticized the man as trying to eat only his plate and the image was unnecessary, and many encouraged him. There were a few “I love you doing that” and “I agree” texts, while one went a step further and said: “You’re angry because he doesn’t share food with you.”.

Traditionally, airlines offer a variety of menus during flightsUnsplash

However, others supported the young woman’s dismissive position and shared similar anecdotes, and one of them wrote that in her opinion, the only valid thing to do was to consume coffee and croissants based on the journey.

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The publication on social networks opened a debate about whether it is convenient or wise to bring fast food on a plane. Depending on the travel distance, Airlines traditionally provide passengers with a menu. In this way, whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, the flight attendants serve food to people from end to end of the flight. Some menus are designed for celiacs and vegetarians.

Additionally, these meal options vary depending on the type of ticket being paid for. Over the past decade, airlines have implemented a low-cost or cheap system that, in principle, includes only the opportunity to travel on the plane, but does not provide for the consumption of drinks or food, unless additionally paid.


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