Brian Moya sends Olympia into the air after World Cup goal against Real Sociedad in Togo


Who will stop Olympia? is the great unknown National League. Expired 10 days of Clausura 2023 And Lion remains undefeated, playing well without letting go of the lead.

Real community, a team desperate for three points, fighting to stay in the division and trying to scare the defending champions failed. They won 2-0 in their own backyard, Francisco Martínez de Togo.

Directed by Pedro Troglio They once again showed that they are consistent and superior to their opponents.

There was no disparaging speech in the white dressing room, only to prove on the field that the Argentine would defend the crown tooth and nail, seeking another two-time championship at the hands of the Argentine coach.

A first half showing complete control before the campus sparks. Yustin Arboleda was thirsty to get back on target and missed several chances, Kevin Lopez was a great teammate. The Chilean of Edder el “Camel” Delgado and Rony Martínez had no trouble in the lower zone in the first half.

At the filling station, Leon put his foot on the accelerator and immediately opened the lid. Edwin Rodríguez opened the scoring in the 58th minute with a shot from outside the area to head past goalkeeper Marcos Allen in a series of attacks involving Jorge Bengucci, Jerry Bengtsson and Kevin Lopez.

The midfielder’s first goal since his bitter spell at Aris Thessaloniki in Greece, where he was unable to play. And a night for the hungry to prove themselves once again with the Olympia jacket. Brian Moya had his minutes on the pitch and he didn’t miss.

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In the last gasp, Real Sociedad all but attacked in search of an equaliser, however, taking the ball against the beast, moving forward, settling the ball, looking up, soul, life and heart to the ball from the center of the pitch. The number 6 graced the skies of Togowa and went on to be hugged by the nets, 2-0, but with a taste of pure joy.

Everyone went to greet Moya. The biggest celebration for the Whites is a week away when they face Atlas in the round of 16 of the CONCACAF Champions League, however, they have to face Honduras Progresso on Saturday.

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Real Sociedad’s 11: Mark Allen; Dayron Martinez, Marel Alvarez, Ricky Zapata, Axel Fuentes, Cesar Oseguera, Alvaro Torres, Ronnie Martinez, Eder Delgado, Samuel Posandez and Tester Monico.

Olympia 11: Eric Menjivar, Maylor Nunez, Jose Garcia, Brian Beckels, Edwin Rodriguez, Julian Martinez, Justin Arbolida, German Mejia, Solani Solano, Jerry Bengtson and Kevin Lopez.

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