He was turned down from the “ugly” job, his face was running, and now he’s the model he wanted (video)

The 26-year-old Vietnamese man said that despite repeated attempts to find a job through his social networks, he was always dismissed as ‘ugly’. This release was recently released on his Dictoc account, where he also shared the amazing change he had.

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This was a last job interview, which led him to make the decision to change his appearance because, according to, ?? Qy? N, because he distinguishes himself in dictator, received not only rejection from the interview, but also mockery of his appearance.

According to international media reports, the young man had undergone about nine surgeries, including one on his chin, one on his eyelid and one on his nose.

The young man has shown in his publications that surgeries have helped him feel better about his appearance as he continues to share videos and photos to gain compliments from his followers.

Her face change has changed her life so much and now she is a professional makeup artist and model.

“When you look in the mirror, you are satisfied,” says Dictoker, who already has more than 100,000 followers.

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