He took the wrong seat and found his twin on the plane

Airplanes They can be the perfect place for some unexpected moments. This is what happened Two British men. One of them was boarding a plane when he encountered his first obstacle: someone had mistakenly taken his seat. The dire situation quickly recedes when he discovers something that captures his attention even more: the ‘invader’ is his ‘double’.

32-year-old Neil Douglas is from Glasgow, Scotland. Everything was going according to plan when we boarded the plane to Galway, Ireland. However, when he wanted to sit down, he found himself in an unusual situation. In his place was Londoner Robert Stirling, who surprised both. He had a similar physical appearance to him. in the beginning, Both passengers were shocked. Although popular beliefs indicate that all people have a twin, few people have the opportunity to find it.

They met on a plane on their way to IrelandUnsplash

Once they integrate it, They decided to have fun and a Selfies It soon went viral on the networks Social. The similarity was uncanny. Both have red heads and beards. Additionally, they share the same physique and smile. Apparently, the rest of the passengers also reacted with surprise, as the film could appreciate the smiles others made when realizing the unusual incident.

The similarities don’t end there. According to the newspaper the sunBoth realized it when they reached their destination They had booked in the same hotel. Concluding that there were too many coincidences, they had a beer together to ‘catch up’.

Neil and Robert aren’t the only ‘twins’ discovered. Recently, the story of two men who share more than just their physical appearanceBut also his name and the career of baseball players. Brady Feigels learned of each other’s existence through a phone call in 2015. One of them was about to have cosmetic surgery, but the doctor got it wrong and called the wrong Brody.

This is the appearance of two Americans who have an almost identical resemblance
This is the appearance of two Americans who have an almost identical resemblanceTWITTER / @OleMissBSB

Since then, the history of chaos has continued. Two years later, in 2017, the baseball team of one of them congratulated their player on his birthday on social networks. Although they believed everything was normal at the time, the other Feigal later let them know they were wrong. Even the fans get confused and ask each other for autographs.

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Popular theories even today suggest that every individual has a double somewhere in the world. With this premise, biologist Tecom Lucas from the University of Adelaide, Australia, conducted an investigation that was later published. BBC.

The academic analyzed 4,000 faces from a public collection of US military images. To develop a hypothesis, he used eight different facial points, such as the distance between the eyes and ears, which he studied in detail. “For those who hope to one day run into their doppelganger, the outcome is hopeless.”, he shared, before revealing that the probability of someone having the same physical characteristics is one in a billion.


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