He leaves his job by mistake and receives a deposit of US $ 200,000

A Employee Obtained from one of the largest companies producing cold cuts in Chile Wrong The exchange of nearly 40 million Argentine pesos ($ 200,000 in Argentine blue), he resigned from the company where he worked and disappeared with the money.

The Wrong It came from the human resource area. The man found out when he went to pick up the May salary, and when he entered his bank account, he realized it Millionaire.

According to the international media, his first reaction was to be distracted, but when the company realized it WrongShe told him to return it.

“The next day, the Employee He had to go to the bank branch to pay the millions he had withdrawn, but he did not come, ”they explain.

The company, he adds Employee Hundreds of times until he responded and commented that he was asleep. They continued to wait, but the day passed without any response.

Days passed without any news EmployeeUp to a Attorney He appeared at the company to contact his client saying he had no confidence in a refund Wrong It was not his, he gave the optional resignation letter and disappeared.

The man’s bosses were outraged and took legal action against him for “misuse.”

Before the court, they said they would consider it Wrong Is yours and does not give you the right to own it Deposit. They also demanded that the former employee return the money to its owner.

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