Jose Dorin Cabrera, famous marketer and political promoter, has died

Santo Domingo, RD.

Famous advertiser and marketer Jose “Dorin” Cabrera died this Saturday as a result of problems caused by Covit-19.

Cabrera has been one of the most important political marketers in the Dominican Republic for the past 30 years, has worked as a consultant and creator, and has also worked for his election preference measurement agency.

Jose Dorin Cabrera served in the 1982 election campaign of President Salvador Jorge Blanco. He did the same for Jose Francisco Bena Gomez.

He also served on Lionel Fernandez’s presidential campaign, El Niவோo Camino, during the 1996 election.

As for business brands, he worked on the advertising campaign for the defunct Banco Intercontinental banner, centered on Dominican baseball star Sami Sosa.

Jose Dorin Cabrera In his last years, along with political opinion polls on past electoral processes, he focused on the signature measurement of “Jose Dorin Cabrera Mercatology” electoral options.

In addition, he continued to publish articles advising on ongoing election campaigns, as he has done in the past on Gonzalo Castillo and Fuerza del Pueblo.

He has devoted 45 years to holding election referendums in the country.

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