He ate a tiny robot and showed live how a pill that promises to end endoscopy works.

the Medicine Constantly evolving with new technologies, a startup has taken a major step by developing a tiny robot that could end the need for traditional endoscopes.

Endiatxan innovative company, has introduced PillBotA tiny robotic pill that allows visualization of the inside of the human body in real time, revolutionizing current diagnostic methods.

Alex Luebke, co-founder and engineer of Endiatx, made a bold statement by taking one of these pills live during a TED Talk. When the PillBot's tiny internal camera captured images, they were displayed on a giant screen.Allowing the audience to see inside Lubke's body in real time.

Not only did this impressive demonstration demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of the device, it also captured global attention, garnering more than 44 million views in less than ten days.

Unpublished live stream and TED talk

During the talk, Vivek Kumbhari, professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic and co-founder of Endiatx, was responsible for transmitting live images of Luebke's body to the audience.

tablet, It is wirelessly controlled and navigates through the businessman's stomach and esophagus, revealing every internal detail.Historically, the only way to examine the inside of the human body has been through primitive surgical procedures, Luebke noted. Now, thanks to PillBot microrobotics, these tests can be performed in a less invasive and more precise way.

Dr. Kumbhari added that, The PillBot has the ability to obtain images similar to those of a traditional endoscope.but without the inconvenience of an invasive procedure. If widely used, this technology could change the way medical diagnosis is performed, improve the patient experience and reduce the risks associated with traditional surgical procedures.

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What PillBot, the tiny robot that will put an end to endoscopy, looks like

Endiatx has come a long way in developing PillBot, going through about 50 previous versions to reach the current design, which is the size of a regular pill. This development required an investment of approximately 28 billion Colombian pesos.

Tory Smith, the company's founder, tested the prototype 43 times, demonstrating his commitment to innovation and product safety. PillBot is currently in Phase III clinical trials, a critical stage before its scheduled commercial launch in 2026.

PillBot's design features: Multi-pump drive systemwhich allows the device to move in different directions by emitting jets of fluid, without causing harm to the patient.

next to, It is equipped with a camera that transmits high-definition video at 2.3 megapixels per second and LED lights, making it easy for the doctor to follow the transmission wirelessly.These features overcome the limitations of traditional endoscopes, providing a more advanced and less invasive alternative.

Endiatx plans to continue improving the image quality of PillBot before its final commercialization. With the current features, This tiny robot promises to revolutionize the field of gastroenterologyoffers an innovative and effective solution for internal diagnostics without the need for surgical procedures.

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