Haynes created the first “Mars” ketchup – this is it

(CNN) – First the millionaires, then the movie stars … Now Ketchup is landing in space racing.

Haynes presented his first ketchup “Mars version” with tomatoes produced on Earth under conditions similar to those on Mars. A team of 14 astronomers worked for nine months at the Aldrin Space Institute of the Florida Institute of Technology to grow tomatoes in a controlled environment with soil, temperature and water conditions similar to those on Mars.

Former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino says ketchup made from regular ground tomatoes is primarily in space for dressing up dehydrated foods, but the Mars version type has implications beyond taste. The two-year test demonstrates the potential for long-term food production on Mars.

“So far, most attempts to find ways to grow crops in simulated Martian conditions have been short-term plant growth studies. Said Andrew Palmer, who led the group.

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NASA has also experimented with harvesting plants in space to provide astronauts with more nutrients for frozen dry foods. (Apparently the human body cannot survive in frozen-dried ice cream.)

The International Space Station recently hosted a taco party after harvesting the first chilies at the station; Ketchup may be the next taco party guest. NASA astronaut Shane Kimbro said Friday that talks are underway to send a tomato cultivation experiment to the space station.

The review team and Massimino will first test the final product for ET on November 10 at 10am. You can watch the historical event on Haynes ’social media channels Twitter And Instagram.

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Martian ketchup is not available for purchase, but if you occasionally find yourself traveling to Mars, you do not need to pack.

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