Have you already forgotten Belinda? Christian Nodal makes his first statements after the split

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Last night, Christian Nodal I know Presented with great success on the platform of Low Nuestro Awards 2022From his controversial break BelindaThe singer did not appear before the media, so his first words were already beginning to resonate with his followers.

Before his presentation at the event, singer Desperate America agreed to be interviewed for the show, before which he spoke about tribute. Vicente Fernandez In which he participated Company Team, Angela Aguilar and CamilleOr, but without a doubt, the very words he spoke about the moment that happened were the most called.

And it is the translator Bottle after bottle, Confirmed he was grateful to all who lived and commented on his past that he no longer remembered it. “It makes us feel proudIn our Mexican culture we pay tribute to Don Vicente and I am very excited and very happy for the results, “he said.

He later commented, “I live in this moment without thinking about tomorrowWithout thinking about the pastI am enjoying all the blessings God gives me at this time, so thank you for everything that is happening now, ”some of his fans took to referring to this relationship.

After these reports, The singer received many supportive commentsLike: “Brilliant words”, “Nodal should be that way” and “Congratulations to all the beauties in the world of Christian nodal … a thousand blessings to you, go on”.

Christian Nodal’s mother congratulated him after receiving two awards

During the ceremony, The artist received two awardsOne Best Artist of the Year And one Collaboration of the yearDue to showtimes, only one will be televised and the other behind the scenes.

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After these awards, The singer’s mother, Christy Nodal, did not hesitate to express her feelings about her son’s achievements.. In a post on Instagram, he wrote: “Congratulations son, what pride! After two years of fighting, your voice and your talent should not be turned off, you are still in the ring here. You can not highlight yourself today. Can’t you sing your own songs? No one will support you? And Blah blah blah, “he wrote, recalling the Universal problem.

He added: “Thank God. Thank you Sony Music for all the support. Thank you to all of his fans who are always with him. From time to time.”

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