Havana in the Dark: A fault disconnects the Mariel Generation Pokes

Generation Unit 5 of the Neuvitas Thermoelectric plant went out of service last Sunday due to an outage, adding to plants that suffered outages in Cuba on Monday. The Electric Union announced its withdrawal Electrical system Mariel mobile manufacturing units, as well as the Tallapetra and Regla plantsIn Habana.

According to one A brief note The state agency, which did not specify the reasons for the breakdown, After 1:00 pm this day “the 110kV Naranjito-Cerro-San Agustín line in the capital broke down.”

“This event caused a strong swing in the national electricity system, which caused the following mobile generating units to go out of service: Mariel, Tallapetra and Rekla,” he continues.

Energas Jaruco units also affected the 312 MW system, leaving it out of service.This is in addition to the existing 400 MW, which is predicted to cause power outages in the country throughout the day.

The power-generating batanas located in the port of Mariel and Havana are thermoelectric vessels chartered by Havana to generate electricity from Turkey. It helped alleviate the power crisis in the western part of the country.

Although a note from the electricity association assures that the affected service is already being restored, theThere was a power outage in HavanaUntil last week, severe service cuts that had sparked protests in at least ten provinces since the second half of July had been largely forgotten.

Power companies in other provinces indicated earlier this week that they would not be able to comply with the programming of blackout blocks in many territories.So the cuts were frequent and long or repeated on affected areas hours before.

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Cubans have been protesting against the blackout for days. There were even reports of protesters pelting stones at night on government premises and shops in the MLC run by the military group GAESA.

It was reported on social networks in municipalities such as Jagüey Grande in Matanzas and in cities such as Bauta, Artemisa, Covadonga, Cienfuegos, Baracoa, Guantánamo, Campechuela, Granma, Nuevitas, Camaguey.

Monday’s protest took place in Santiago de Cuba For the same reason in broad daylight at the popular council of Vista Alegre.

The island’s electricity system is in disarray and blackouts are constant and blackouts occur for more than ten hours every day. The government has pointed out that there is no short-term solution to such a dire situation.

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