Guillermo Ochoa lost his temper and insulted his fellow Americans

The Águilas goalkeeper let out all the frustration accumulated by the recent results in Liga MX.

Memo Ochoa showed a face we don't see in America.
© Good picturesMemo Ochoa showed a face we don’t see in America.

William Ochoa It takes weeks to figure out what to talk about in matches America. Some praise him for his savings, others Criticized for some goals The Apertura marked the team in 2022, but that was earlier the lion There’s the Mexican team He lost his composure.

By his pressure Penalties that cannot be prevented And the poor results so far in Liga MX, Paco Memo couldn’t take it anymore. Insults teammates after being ignored on defense At the start of the match against Panchas Verdes.

When the game was tied without goals, The Esmeraldas made many plays with ease It almost ended in a goal, but the 37-year-old goalkeeper’s interventions were a factor, although concentration and disorganization did not prevent him from launching himself against his defenders.

Good mother“Memo Ochoa’s angry words that some of us have seen, but it’s on the networks Many praised him for his leadership and captaincy of the Eagles Needed at this time.

Unfortunately, all the bravado and scolding from America was in vain Lost 3-2 Lion and his front Things are starting to look bleak on the general tableJust like what happened six months ago at the helm of the Santiago Solari Club.

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