“Harder than ever” for the “Kings of Comedy” stage

“Los Reyes del Humor”, Raymond Pozzo and Miguel Gospets return to the stage to make the Dominican people and the international community laugh and experience great sympathy. A useful presentation.

The event will take place next March 27 at 8:00 pm, during which the account number will be placed where people can make donations to the Foundation.

The comedy couple will launch all their machines to bring to the masses the healthy comedy produced by Khaki Martol, the set of Omar Marte, the makeup and character of Mime Raboso and the dance set under the direction of Laura Rodriguez.

Through the Facebook fan page and YouTube channel: ‘The Raymond and Miguel Show’, the event will be broadcast completely free of charge through the TV channel, with donations that the public can make to benefit the Hoker Villa Pentagon. “Duros, Mu Duros” seeks to make people laugh in these times of epidemics, using humor as a formula, and the show airs on the television studio of “Los Reyes del Humor”, which includes Baptist Felix Pena and Rafael Alduwe.

Khaki Martே promised in a press release that “the product of this prize show has made no effort to bring Kings followers with modern effects, special effects, screens, pyrotechnics, lighting and numerous technical and human skills,” a great product from the Dominican Republic to the whole world.

Renowned comedians Raymond Poso and Miguel Gospedius will reach this 2021, with more than 25 years of experience, always valid and at the heart of the public and international community that has supported them since the beginning of their careers.

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About Villa Pentecost

The Hocker Villa Pentecostal Foundation opened its doors in 1994, keeping children and adolescents at high risk in Dominican society.

Founded by Pastor Lucy Cosme, who has accepted the social and spiritual responsibility to help a section of the Dominican Republic’s vulnerable children, to provide shelter, education, medicine and dental care, healthy food, orientation, sports, and the manual arts. And fun.

In her work to protect the Dominican children, Hocker Villa Pendigian has contributed to health and well-being, education in values, emotional stability, shelter, food, clothing and the family environment.

The foundation opened the Villa Pentagon Christian School in August 1999 to provide educational assistance to 300 boys, girls and adolescents at home, with limited resources, and in the community and surrounding areas. To date, hundreds of adolescents and young people have graduated from high school and gone on to technical and university education.

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