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In a recorded speech marking the 56th anniversary of ‘Bloody Sunday’ in 1965, Biden’s plan was announced, in which about 600 civil rights activists were brutally repressed by state police. Vote when you try to march for freedom. Selma, Alabama.

“All eligible voters can vote, it must be counted,” Biden said Copy of your text This Sunday Martin and Corretta King section for breakfast. “If you have great ideas, you have nothing to hide. Let the people vote. “

Pitton’s order includes a number of provisions, such as ordering federal bodies to expand access to voter registration and election information. It also calls on federal leaders to develop plans for federal employees to vote or volunteer for non-partisan election positions, and outlaws the review of the government website

“Many Americans face significant barriers to exercising their basic right to vote. For generations, black voters and other colored voters have faced discriminatory policies that prevent them from voting.” Report announcing the executive order, Published by the White House.

“Colored voters are more likely to face long lines at the polls, and they are affected by voter identification laws and limited opportunities to vote by mail. Native Americans also face limited opportunities to vote by mail, and they often do not have adequate polling stations and voter registration opportunities are close to their homes. “Low access to language assistance is a barrier for many voters. People with disabilities face long-standing barriers to exercising their right to vote, especially when it comes to the legally required facilities to vote individually and independently.

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Democrats are trying to secure support for Resolution 1 House of RepresentativesIt touches on every aspect of the electoral process and received 220 votes in favor of the Democrats and 210 against the Republicans in the party vote on Wednesday.

The Voting Bill passed in the lower house contains provisions to restrict the handling of congressional districts without discrimination. JerryMondering‘, Remove the barriers to voting and bring transparency to a shadow campaign finance system that allows wealthy donors to fund anonymously for political reasons.

Democrats say the bill will help thwart voter repression efforts, while Republicans are pushing for unnecessary federal intervention in the states’ right to self-determination to enforce their own law.

In a half-divided Senate, the fate of the bill is still uncertain. Conservative groups have launched a $ 5 million campaign to try to persuade moderate Democratic senators to oppose the move.

Through his executive order, Biden seeks to focus on this issue and use the memory of this infamous day in the history of the country.

‘Bloody Sunday’ proved to be a turning point in the civil rights movement that led to the passage of the 1965 suffrage law. Similarly, Biden expects a storm on Capitol on January 6 by Trump supporters. Congress must take action to improve voter security.

“By 2020, our own democracy is in danger, even in the midst of an epidemic. Americans voted more than ever,” Biden said in his comments. “However, instead of celebrating this powerful voting demonstration, we saw an unprecedented uprising in our capital and a brutal attack on our democracy on January 6. It has never seen the will of the people ignored, undermined and inactivated.” Added.

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Biden’s comments were echoed by the country’s historic civil rights fighters, the Revs. C.D. Vivian, Rev. Joseph Lower and Delegate John Lewis all died in 2020.

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