Gustavo Bolivar says that he and Gustavo Pedro are communists – political parties – political

Gustavo Petro and Gustavo Bolivar

Human Colombia senators Gustavo Petro and Gustavo Bolivar.


Caesar Melcarejo. Time

After singer Juanz sent a message about the protests in Cuba, he pointed out: “The exiled Cubans have been saying this for years, and now the Cubans on the island are saying this without fear, freedom! Strong message to all. Communism is absorbed. Eye, Colombia; Everyone, ”the reaction of the political establishment continued.

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Congressman Bolivar He pointed out on his social networks that he did not respond to the message because he was not mentioned.

“They ask me why I did not say anything because of Juan’s drill: 1. Because I did not mention Petro, whom I support, or because I am a communist. 2. Juan is free to say and think what he wants. 3. I like people who define themselves. 4. Seek And I loved your version of Destroyer, ”he hoped.

In another trill, according to Senator Indepas, two community leaders have been assassinated in recent days, asking Juan to say that “96 leaders have been assassinated in 2021. 797 in the Duke era and 1,212 since the signing of the peace treaty.” Retweet it.

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