Naeem Bukele votes for his party during the election silence and just hours after the election

When asked about holding a press conference during the election silence, Buckell avoided giving a clear answer. Also, he attacked DSE judges.

President Naib Bukhele gave a press conference this Sunday afternoon, just hours after the election ended, converting on election day.

Buckell called on people to go outside and vote in the remaining hours before polling stations begin to close at 5:00 p.m. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government.

The president said a large turnout was coming on February 28 and called on the people to vote for parties affiliated with the government, despite the electoral silence.

Minute by minute: The arrival of the Salvadorans at the polling stations a few minutes after the close of the polls is apt for election day.

We will do that “auction activity” in those few hours, ignoring the election law, Buckell said at a conference.

Section 184 of the Electoral Code states that “no official shall exercise his position to engage in discriminatory politics.” Section 175 of the same Act states: “Political parties (…) and natural persons are prohibited from advertising on election day and on election day.”

However, when asked about holding a press conference during the election silence ordered by the Electoral Code, Buckell limited himself to giving a clear answer: “I complied with the law, but those who wore jackets (with badges) did not ask them”.

For his part, the deputy chairman of the National Executive Committee (COENA) confirmed through his Twitter account that Buckell was maintaining a fraudulent speech using the state apparatus to ask for votes for new tools and that he would hold a press conference that day. Is to violate the state of Salvador in elections.

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Similarly, Buckell attacked the Supreme Court Tribunal (DSE).

According to the President, the delay in issuing certificates to members of the Voting Reception Boards (JRV) representing parties such as News Ideas and CD is an unprecedented irregularity.

Brendan O’Brien, head of the US embassy, ​​promised this morning that his government would support fair, transparent and peaceful elections.

“The important thing is not to say that there is fraud where there is no fraud. It is important to wait for the results, and I believe democracy will decide for the Salvadorans, “said O’Brien.

He also argued that you should wait patiently for results. “The election that counts all the votes is very important. What we want to see is patience in the process. Sometimes decisions take time,” O’Brien said.

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President Naib Bukele with his wife, Gabriela de Buquele, arrived to cast their ballots this afternoon at the center, located in El Hippatromo Boulevard. He did not make statements at the scene. In addition, during the operation, the president’s bodyguard attacked El Diorio de Ho’s photojournalist, preventing other colleagues from accessing and asking questions of the president.

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