Guillermo Almada competes as coach of the national team Mediotimpo

Mexico City /

One of the names that sounded like a possible successor Gerardo “Tada” Martino On top of that Mexican team is the current one Pachuca coach, William AlmadaThis Wednesday he admitted he wanted to invade Tricolor benchOne time post is free.

He said no one yet Mexican Football Confederation (FMF) has approached him or they have presented him with a plan and now he wants to focus on that. Tusos and shall be thine Second League with Hidalgo painting.

“If at any time Mexican team No technician, I want to accept that challengeWe believe that We can contribute something selection And Mexican football“, he said The leader of Uruguay In an interview with W Radio.

“At this time, we have not been contacted by anyone from the consortium, rather the press indicated that interest.”

Chicharito and Vela, important

The Saruah Took time to talk about Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez Y Carlos CandleTwo absent players Qatar 2022 For different situations.

He said that from his perspective, and experience, two players can Contribute to good things For the national index.

“The ability of Carlos Vela and Javier Hernandez is not in doubt, I think Can contribute something to the exam”.

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They should be excited

Almada was also encouraged to create a Tuesday’s Game AnalysisIn this Mexico fell 3-2 Before his counterpart ColombiaIn an ongoing game 2-0 before the 30th minute.

“Yesterday he had two different times and he didn’t have the best performance. It’s about moments and His role in the World Cup Depends How do I get in the mood?want Raw material to create larger items”, he concluded.

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