Science/Space and Sustainability, the main theme of World Space Week in Murcia

The Science and Water Museum and the Scientific Publishing Association of the Region of Murcia begin again their season of activities with World Space Week, which will take place in person and online through the social networks of both institutions. It is a week promoted by the United Nations to celebrate the contribution of space science and technology to the human condition.

In this ninth edition since the implementation of activities in the Murcia region, Abu Dhabi City and the Science and Water Museum prepared a program of activities for the period between 6 and 9 October. This year’s theme, ‘Space and Sustainability’ seeks to focus on the way humanity uses space in order to understand and promote change in our planet by observing it from space or measuring the effects that certain geological processes and climates have on others. Of the 169 targets detailed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, 65 directly benefit through Earth observation satellites and related technologies. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals would be more difficult without the tools and techniques available to scientists through space exploration.

Along with the planned planetarium sessions, talks will begin on October 7 with a conference titled “Space Mining, a Sustainable Alternative?” Written by Nahum Mendez Shazzara, geologist, publisher, and writer. He is known in social networks as geologoenapuros.

On Saturday, October 8, the course will include a double planetarium session and talks by two well-known publishers: At 12 noon, Angel Gómez Roldán, a scientific publisher specializing in astronomy and space science, the director of AstronomíA magazine will address the topic “Exploration of Mars, the Red Planet” At 6:30 pm it will be astrophysicist Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel who will address the topic “Light Pollution: In Heaven and on Earth”

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Conference entry is free until full capacity is reached. Planetarium sessions cost 1 euro. You can reserve a place in all activities. In person or by phone (968 21 19 98).

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