Guatemalan media reports that Chiamate and Bukele met with Russian-Israeli

Guatemalan media confirm that the presidents met with foreigners on a boat

The release of the Guatemalan media “Soy502” taken by El Peridico of the same country talks about a meeting on a boat in Guatemala in 2020, in which the President of that country Alejandro Kiamatai and the President of Salvador Naib Boukale.

According to the release, a total of ten investors with Russian-Israeli nationalities arrived in Guatemala at the time and went to a mountainous area in the Alta Verapas and then to Puerto Castilla in the Atlantic, where they would have sailed in a navy. Basic up to private boat.

“On the boat, the Russian-Israelis held a private meeting with senior officials from Guatemala and El Salvador, which may have been attended by Giammati and Naib Bukele,” according to the El Peridico publication.

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The lawsuit was probably funded by Guatemala, and all of the country’s container shipments arrived at the port of Castilla, exactly where the project was funded by Russian investors, according to Choi 502.

“The gift is said to have been given to the president at his home in the 15th zone in order to receive a land offer in the port of Santo Tomas de Castilla. The president has denied the facts,” the El Peridico newspaper reported.

President Perry responded to the publication of El Peridico on his Twitter account and denied the information.

“The last time I saw the president of Guatemala was at a public event in El Salvador, before the epidemic began,” Buhl posted.

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President Chiamate responded to the posts via Twitter, quoting Buckell’s tweet, to which he commented: “They say you and I were on a boat with some Russian-Israelis. I invite you to wear shorts and wear good pupusa next time. The lie shines, while the truth prevails. Congratulations President Bugel. “

Soybean 502 confirms that Russian citizen Alexander Vasiev was responsible for providing the “money carpet” to President Zhimatte, but that would have been a Guatemalan annexation.

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