Guatemala announces action on the Motagua River following a warning from Honduras


The Government of Guatemala It was announced this Tuesday that it will be implemented Comprehensive solutions to reduce pollution of its water resources, mainly the Mottagua River14 of the country’s 22 sectors and its tons of debris flood the coast Honduras.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) said in a statement on Tuesday that it was implementing a number of measures Control for integrated management of residues and solid wastes, Recently released, Origin of Pollution and Purification of Its Water Sources.

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One of the tributaries affected by mismanagement of solid waste has been recognized by the Department of the Environment Mottagua River, Which has a basin 486 kilometers Long and some of its ecosystems benefit 8 million people.

Control of integrated waste and solid waste management establishes environmental and health technology standards to prevent environmental degradation, reduce pollution, and improve the health of Guatemalan residents.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural ResourcesIt expands waste management plans in conjunction with local municipalities and integrates guidelines for verifying the general policies and objectives of the state.

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As municipalities are responsible for collecting and treating garbage, mayors and municipalities should be responsible for properly managing solid waste, water and sanitation, said Deputy Environment Minister Engel Laverreda.

According to the official, the work includes a campaign in support of the Motagua River. “Do your part, no more junk“, To remove landscaping and illegal rubbish bins, from where they were collected 1.867.8 Tons of solid waste.

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Laverreda noted that there is a technical board on the Mottagua River, through which the focus is on pollution.

Honduran Warning

Mayor of the Caribbean Region Honduras He warned that they would protest with other neighboring councilors on Monday Guatemala Internationally, by the way Severe environmental damage The Mottagua River is due to them.

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Although both countries have been looking for a solution to prevent the flooding of Honduras coast with all kinds of debris for many years. Guatemala, Like the municipality Omova, Damage continues.

Ricardo Alvarado, Mayor Omova, Field CutsHe told reporters on Monday that he was the highest-ranking official in the municipality in 11 years and the environmental impact had not stopped.

Damage is minimal between January and June, but when the rainy season begins in Guatemala, “the damage is severe.”

In his opinion, Guatemala, despite numerous meetings between environmental officials of the two countries, has not complied with the pledges to avoid it.Irreversible damage“It simply came to our notice then.

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Faced with the situation, Alvarado pointed out that it was time.Stop this thing“He talks to other mayors Commonwealth Municipalities of the Gulf of Honduras To condemn Guatemala internationally for “damage to the ecosystem”.

“This damage is irreversible, it is a terrible environmental damage,” he said, adding that Costa Rica had helped Guatemala to condemn Guatemala for the high level of pollution caused by the Motagua River. EFE

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