Gretel Valdes’ strange scar plagued his followers

Gretel Waltz She is one of the surviving actresses Very active on his social networks, Where he agrees with his followers by sharing photos of his daily life and answering some questions.

This method is no exception, because with Instagram’s medieval stories, The actress held a question and answer session, In it he talked a little about his life.

A follower dared to question him A small scar on his shoulder, Although all of her fans have already noticed her, the protagonist of the novels does not talk about her appearance.

Gretel Valdes admitted that little mark on his skin This is the result of an accident and regular visits to the doctor, But before that it didn’t seem so small.

“At the age of 15 I fell off a motorcycle and it was a minor injury, but I have something called a keloid scar This is very noticeable. So my mother took me to a plastic surgeon, who changed it for me. ” Remember.

He explained it on one of his visits A doctor injured her further, But she found an expert who could help her with the problem.

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“Then I went to Guerrero with two more surgeons, I could not believe they still had a license to work, they took my muscle because they fucked my hand for everything they did. I finally met in Mexico City, thank God, he fixed it for me. Now that’s fine, because they don’t know how I was beforeSaid the actress.

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