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He returned to public service a few days later Due to a medical problem he had, he underwent surgery immediately before his condition worsened.

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Fortunately for her and her family, the intervention was not complicated and she showed that she was already at home, where she was well cared for and cared for by her son.

Gretel Valdes had to amputate a part of a finger to avoid future health problems.

What happened to Gretel Valdes?

Last week, the actress revealed that she had to undergo surgery to remove part of her thumb, which worried her fans and her family, mainly because it was not something that is usually done.

With this medical decision, internal warts, if not treated early, can turn into cancer over time.

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Gretel Valdes returns to networks after surgery

Through successive posts on your account , The artist shared photos of flowers, chocolates and other details he received these days, in which he was a little softer because of the title already explained.

As expected, Waltz was very grateful to all of his followers, so he posted several videos on his stories to get the message across, and said he was fine now that he had left the hospital and was resting more.

The most tender moment on his social networks he enjoyed while uploading a video with his son Santino, he showed his love in terms of hugs and kisses.

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