Gregorio Bernia was angered by the behavior of some of his colleagues from 'The House of the Famous'

with the intention of Home of the famousHe Reality is over, but the news about its participants is hotter than ever.

New romances, media frenzy and disappointments are part of this great soap opera that, according to some, is beyond the show.

Surprised and somewhat disappointed by some of the things that happen Gregorio BerniaA member of the house who decided to give up his stay to resume his long-awaited freedom and be with his loved ones.

Gregory B.

(Photo: Alberto Rodriguez/Telemundo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

In a chat with his followers on social media, he shared what he felt when he saw what was happening, specifically, with two of his former colleagues.

“Then the manager says to the other, the couple: 'Hey, you're beautiful, people are talking about how beautiful you are, why don't you get married?' “Dedication, sometimes people want fame more than money,” he explained with disappointment.

Although he did not name anyone to avoid controversy, many assumed he was referring to them Clovis Nienow And Aleska Genesis.

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“How far are people capable of going? They engage because there's money, because there's covers, because there's marketing,” he concluded with a certain sadness.

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