Great! Gustavo Pedro called Maria Corina Machado's disqualification an “anti-democratic coup”.


The President of Colombia spoke during the night of this Monday, April 1, and described the political disqualification of opposition leader María Corina Machado in Venezuela as an “anti-democratic coup”.

During the inauguration of Judge Gloria Gomez of the Council of State, President Pedro questioned the decisions of the Venezuelan authorities, which he considered “anti-democratic”.

“Maria Corina Machado and many others were previously disqualified from participating in election campaigns by the administration. The same thing is happening in Colombia, here as a kind of double standard, we are attacking what they are doing there, because it is undoubtedly an anti-democratic conspiracy, but it is also being done here, politics in Colombia. “We hide that rights are also violated. Not only for individuals, but for society, although in Venezuela they have recently covered up the circumstances through a court decision, the fact is that disability comes from administrative sanction,” the President said.

President Pedro added: “If we believe and criticize the extraordinary events that are happening in a country like Venezuela, the same thing is being done in Venezuela, and in recent years we have to add Peru, Paraguay, Honduras and Colombia. Rights are being violated in Colombia because they allow executive authorities to freeze and take away rights. .

The Colombian government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed its concern over the Venezuelan opposition's difficulties in registering candidates for the July 28 presidential election.

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