Gracie Ortega mentions that her husband did not help raise her children: “No one sent me the sun” Web Ojo Farandula | eye view

once again Gracie Ortega This has been the center of controversy and criticism against him, and this time he decided to respond to his sister Milena ZarateShe was the one who accused him of not raising his children well, but in his response he revealed something that wasn’t working in his family.

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After planting Magali Medina And his return tickets America together with their children, Gracie Ortega Chose the project Lady Gillen A new trench and does not hesitate to shoot her sister, revealing something that very few know and that involves her husband.

When did all this happen? Gracie Ortega She categorically denies that she is raising her children badly, as she says Milena Zarate And defended himself:He has messed up in one thing that is very important to me, that no one helped to raise me, my children, from the oldest to the last, no one helped to raise me, did not send a single sun for them (…) Even if I break the pig, I’m not going to leave it like this, but it’s not going to be like this.”, the Colombian woman hinted that unbeknownst to her, even her husband would not have helped her take care of her three children.

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Revenge Gracie Ortega For reports that Milena Zarate Soon would come, legally, and he left this warning to his sister: “I’m looking with my lawyer to file a complaint against Milena, those little things (…) not so much with money, but now I’m getting a lot of anger.”.

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