Governor of Monte Christie says “A good woman, we must give her a chance”

Vice President Raquel Pena said the governor of Monte Christie deserved another chance after apologists outside the government apologized for his remarks that “the time has begun to begin to enjoy the taste of power.”

The pen defended the work carried out by the governor Nelsie Milacross Cruise, She defined as “a good woman”, she does “a good job for her people”.

“Suddenly he apologized yesterday, so our noble hearts must also understand that a person is wrong, but especially when a person admits it. She is a good woman, she wants to work, she does a good job for her people, so we are going to say we should give her another chance because her purpose is different ”, Pena said in Santiago after leading events to the 177th anniversary of the March 30 war.

The claims of Fermist leader Nelsie Milacross Cruz have caused a stir by describing power as a “tasty” one for incumbent officers, referring to positions not yet considered by unnamed Fermists.

The young officer was interviewed on a TV show and the video spread on social networks.

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