Government creates commission to eradicate African swine flu. The United States provides diagnostic tools

Santo Domingo, R.D.

The Louis Abinader government created a commission through the Ministry of Agriculture, which includes the Dominican Republic’s military and the Center for Emergency Action to eradicate African swine flu in the country.

The information was released by the presidency’s communications director Milacros German, who presented the official plan to Agriculture Minister Limber Cruz on Wednesday.

For this work, the US government has suppressed high-tech equipment that will allow the disease to be actively diagnosed.

“High-tech equipment provided by the US government will allow quick detection of the disease. Many mobile centers have been deployed in strategic areas to maintain direct contact. The project should not rest until the plague is eradicated in the country,” he wrote in a Twitter book.

He explained that the affected pigs would be slaughtered and the expenses incurred by the producers would be paid through compensation by the Agricultural Bank.

“Additional sanitary regulations have been used to combat the spread of the disease through backyard farms, slaughter of infected pigs and compensation for producers’ costs through @bagricolaRD, ”he explained.

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