Google shows off this updated Android logo

Using an update from Google for mobile services, Android It has a revamped skin as it has changed style in its typography.

The Android logo will start to look a little different. The typeface used by Google’s own logo will be more closely matched, and Android will now be spelled with a capital A. Google Brand Manager Jason Fournier The company’s blog post describes the change, which “replicates the Google logo more closely and creates a balance between the two.” Additionally, the robot takes on a 3D look, with colorful variations as needed for the occasion.

Do more at a glance with new productivity features for your Android devices

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On the other hand, this September 5, Google announced some updates:

  • The Google Assistant widget at a glance improves its visual accessibility app Lookout and Zoom calls on Android Auto.
  • Google Wallet is improving to easily upload passes with barcodes and QR codes by adding a photo import feature.
  • By providing on-screen image descriptions for people with low vision or blindness, the Lookout app can more intelligently describe scenes and answer follow-up questions.
  • And Android Auto adds support for joining Zoom and Webex calls, albeit audio only.

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