Google is improving searches with artificial intelligence, these are the changes

Search engine helps users search easily. (unsplash)

The Artificial intelligence will become a search consultant at Google. Infopay participated in Infopay’s announcement Integrating this technology into its platform helps users find the best result.

Initially, this option is available through Search labsWhen its trial period ends, the search engine will finally be launched worldwide as part of existing operations.

It will arrive in Latin America from November 8, although it will take a few more days in Argentina.

Search engine helps users search easily. (Google)

Searching for content on the Internet is one of the daily activities in digital practice. Generally, we ask questions about upcoming events, news that interests us, football results, recipes or questions about laws in each of our countries. This includes browsing various media or websites that provide that information. AI will come to help us in that process.

For example, when searching for ‘quesadillas have cheese’, it is common to see access links to web pages that address the question. But with the integration of artificial intelligence, the initial result will be a summary of all the information, organized in a concrete and easy-to-read way.

After providing this data, the search engine will provide the user with new options to further expand their query. A series of buttons below will then appear with related questions: ‘What’s in a quesadilla’ or ‘Why is it called a quesadilla’? Gives the option to continue the conversation without leaving the search engine.

Below these results, links to media outlets with all the data in question appear, guaranteeing that people will not stop entering the portals, as is usually the case, and their regular traffic will suffer. These sites will be on the right side of the panel or on the lower carousel in the mobile version, so queries are not limited to the result provided by the AI.

Search engine helps users search easily. (Google)

Google I am clarifying the answers given Artificial intelligence They won’t be on all advice, but will focus on a few topics, though they don’t specify exactly which ones or whether AI will make any connections.

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If they receive a response, users will have the option to choose whether they like the result provided by the system or not, as this will allow them to improve the site to avoid the spread of misinformation or misinformation. Bad or wrong data on the internet and AI can take it as a reference.

On the other hand, users will get the option to maintain the same privacy options that Google search engine usually has, so that their queries remain private.

Google will continue to maintain the distribution of information in the event of advertising Sponsored Content Above and next line will leave the AI’s answers, so nothing will change if you search for content that includes ads or shopping content.

Search engine helps users search easily. (Google)

In Latin America, the functionality will launch on November 8 and will be available to search from the desktop version or mobile devices.

You must log in to try it It will be enough to get to know it from a browser, ask questions and see what results it generates with AI.

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