Google alleges that even the disabled function collects data on users’ location


30 May 2021 21:41 GMT

According to a case file, Google has pressured several smartphone makers to hide the geolocation settings on their devices from users.

Documentary lawsuits against Google allege that the company deliberately made it difficult to trace the privacy settings of users of Android smartphones and collected data on their location even when the function was disabled. Reports The Verge cites reports filed by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

The original lawsuit against Google was filed by Brnovich in May last year, accusing the company of having background tracking in the background for certain applications, and suspended the practice only when users disabled this device-sized tracking of their computer devices.

According to documents, Google’s management has pressured LG and other smartphone makers to hide geolocation settings on their devices from users.

For his part, Google spokesman Jose Costasida said in an email to The Verge that Brnovich and “the competitors running this case have done everything they can to misrepresent our services.” According to a spokesperson, the company has always incorporated privacy features into its products and provided strong restrictions on location data.

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